1) Community Education Events
DFD presents community-wide public education sessions to build awareness of dementia basics, warning signs, caregiver skills and self-care, communication tips, promising research updates, resources available, and risk reduction information.

2) Dementia Resource Guides
These guides list contact information and support resources for various dementia organizations in the Denver area. They are distributed at community events and venues.

3) Dementia Friendly Business Designations
Denver area businesses can earn a Dementia Friendly Business designation by pledging to treat customers and caregivers affected by dementia with respect and sensitivity and by offering DFD’s employee Dementia 101 Lunch and Learn sessions.

4) Dementia Training for Government Employees
Dementia Friendly Denver presents Dementia 101 Lunch and Learn sessions for Denver area City, County, State and Federal government departments and agencies.

5) Advance Planning for Family Caregivers
DFD offers online education modules defining medical, legal, financial, and care planning essentials and related resources for families caring for loved ones with dementia, with special emphasis on underserved and diverse populations.

6) Dementia Friendly Restaurant Program
Participating restaurants provide quiet dining areas and ensure servers complete a brief dementia communication training. Families can make reservations to arrange a dementia friendly restaurant experience for their loved ones.

7) Dementia Friendly Worship Program
DFD provides dementia training for Denver area clergy of various faiths who then organize dementia friendly worship services and other programs for their congregations. DFD offers Dementia 101 – Reducing Your Risk presentations for congregations of all faiths throughout the Denver area.

8) Dementia Information Wallet Cards
These cards can be presented to indicate that a companion has dementia and may demonstrate unfamiliar behaviors and include dementia communication tips.


Dementia Friendly Denver


Our goal …

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their families in the Denver area.